Sabotage mystery behind Nordstream 2 Gas leaks

Carnegie Endowment compares the Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 gas leak into the Baltic Sea to an Agatha Christie mystery novel.

U.S, and Ukraine has accused Russia for sabotaged on the pipelines gas leak. If Vladimir Putin would sabotage Nordstreams’ pipelines that’s an assault on the Ruble for Russia economy amidst NATO and U.S. sanctions on the Russian economy. Why would Putin self-inflict his economy and if he would then a code red nuclear alert system should be in active status mode, now. Because Putin sabotage on the pipeline gas leaks would be compared to a suicide bomber’s “self-sabotage” attack.

Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 pipelines are Gas resources to Energy markets and Putin has solely controlled, weaponized and used Russia Energy influence as a bargaining chip to EU NATO members. Carnegie analysis reveals International actors of Energy markets surrounding the mystery. https://carnegieendowment.org/politika/88062


BRICS abstain UN Security Council vote on Russia referendum

Putin’s fears of NATO Expansion come to pass. In addition to Finland, and Sweden’s NATO membership application;

Ukraine has recently filed a NATO fast-track membership application. Before Putin began to set up a puppet government to

annexed and hold elections referendum in Russian-occupied territory gains, President Zelensky sought to join the EU but said Ukraine would not join NATO. However, seven months into the war the battlefield dynamics are constantly raging from one level to the next phase of the conflict. Putin’s nuclear threats cringe worrisome fears on the International rule-based Orders one global community. With threats to launch a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, history shadows of World War II looms a 3rd World War on the European continent. This past week Putin held a formal ceremony in Moscow to announce Russia’s four annexed territories: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhia.

“Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60506682

Vladimir Putin: “NATO Expansions”

Members of BRICS: “China, and India” abstain in the UN Security Council vote on the Russia referendum resolution vote to denounce acknowledgment of Russia’s annexed elections in the Ukraine region. Russia vetoed the vote. https://tass.com/world/1516347


Putin’s messages to the West that his nuclear warnings are not empty words of meaningless threats. Putin’s nuclear threats on Ukraine fueled European non-NATO countries’ to seek NATO’s Article V protections.


U.S battles, amidst Global conflicts.

One year later since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s government Afghan women are protesting for Human Rights for women and girls. Rights seized by the Taliban. Even though the Taliban said that women’s and girls’ rights would be protected. Meanwhile, Russia’s war on Ukraine rages; while women protesters in Iran are beaten and killed.

The United States is fighting a different kind of war. The battlefield for the “Soul of American Democracy,” is Biden’s claim. As the fiercest crime epidemic sweeps across U.S. cities, families; citizens, lament for drastic safety measures and total recall for elected officials that citizens hold responsible for the lawlessness that tends to be committed over and over again by repeated offenders. “The Globe is feeling Foreign Wars’ sorrows.”

“A mall shooting in South Carolina wounded 10… A gang shootout in Sacramento killed six and wounded 12 more… New Orleans reported its bloodiest weekend in 10 years… Road rage tends to be up in some states.” https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/17/briefing/violent-crime-ukraine-war-week-ahead.html


UNGA77 Live.

Speakers are Russia, India, Ethiopia, China and more.


U.S. President Biden address UNGA77


President Biden address Putin’s nuclear threats of war aggression in Russia war aggression in Ukraine.


United Nations: U.S. poet Amanda Gorman and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Amanda Gorman opens the 2022 UN General Assembly Week. Gorman’s thought provocative poem on Human relations with the planet, and Humanity. Our highest calling is to recognize, “We are one kindred spirit.”

Guterres: “Our world is in trouble.”

A global view of the world and a wise poetic approach to shaping a worldview of hope and solutions, inspiration; and rebuke of those who manufacture perils of the world.


The Crown Jewels

“Tower of London Historic Royal Palaces.”

A Historic Occasion: Queen Elizabeth II, laid to rest. The Crown returns to the Tower of London.



Russia’s accusations of Ukrainian nazism.

During the onslaught of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Russia had long before the war invasion was launched in February, accused Ukraine of having an element of nazism. However; how does Russia explain 2014 taking Crimea from Ukrainian territory? Nazism, Fascism is to control society by a one-party rule or a one-man political ruling over society and controlling the flow of information with an absolute propaganda message of the state. Freedom of choice is lost in this totalitarian imperialistic approach to dictatorship government.


Asylum Immigration Czar, the (AIC).

The Mission Motto: “Protect Americans. Safeguard the Borders. Serve Migrants Asylum Seekers.” The AIC will assist illegal Borders crossing entry of Migrants seeking Asylum, and interact with the Congressional Body to implement a codified Immigration Reformed initiative.

With TX Gov. Abbott sending migrants on busses to Washington, D.C., NYC, and recently Chicago city added to the list, has placed tremendous strain on the Mayors’ cities with the sudden influx of migrant arrivals.

Although the illegal border crisis poses a national security risk, it’s equally an opportunity for the federal level to prioritize a codified Immigration Reform Act, and assist border towns with federal funds for the vetted process system of Asylum seekers.

An “Asylum Immigration Czar” will lead the way to enhance national borders protection equipped with quantum-leaped “eyes in the skies” technologies that will assist in the universal vetting process for migrants seeking Asylum. The federal funding for the “Asylum Immigration Czar”  multidimensional function to protect the borders and serve the Immigration asylum seekers with adequate resources for transitional resettlement within the fabric of the American community.

The AIC, Asylum Immigration Czar will work with TX and AZ border cities’ to oversee coordinated tasks for asylum seekers, and assist Gov. Abbott’s migrant’s relocation transit campaign. The biggest complaint by Mayors who are recipients of Abbott’s transit project is the lack of  “compassionate” transit handoff and detailed coordination process for asylum seekers on the part of Texas Gov. Abbott.

Both the Border crisis, and Immigration Reform requires the Legislative Body utmost attention. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security’s FEMA Agency are the second command in line for the functioning role of the AIC to expeditiously mitigate the process that will expedite asylum seekers while working as a liaison with NGOs, stakeholders, and U.S. Customs Border Patrol who protects the Borders, and patrols U.S. border crossing illegal entry.

The AIC requires a Military background or a Foreign Service Officer since their state of affairs will consist of frequent onsite interaction of the Borders Crossing entry.

Immigration Reform Policy and Border Protection:  https://www.fairus.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw39uYBhCLARIsAD_SzMTxrzlTqQh0HRE3HQ-Py8S_ckO6u9hHYEdYYJDhtY_elOQq1IxEfd4aAoyaEALw_wcB


United Nations said that Texas Border Crossing is the most dangerous border crossing entry in the world.



Afghan women’s Rights are deprived under the Taliban.

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has deprived the rights of Afghanistan women. Recent protests against the Taliban government led to the Taliban’s physical assault on Afghan women protesting for the rights of women and girls. Last year in the infant stage of the Taliban administration, the leaders vowed to uphold the human rights values of women and girls. 

A follow-up under the Taliban take-over: “Taliban deprive Women of Livelihood, Identity.” https://www.hrw.org/news/2022/01/18/afghanistan-taliban-deprive-women-livelihoods-identity


Russia halts gas supply to the EU.

Russia halts it’s Nordstream 1 gas supply to the EU for three days. Meanwhile, Russia fired upon Enerhoda ahead of the IAEA delegation visit.



President Zelensky accuses Russia of Nuclear blackmail threats.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky tells the UN, “Russia should stop making nuclear blackmail threats.”



New Yorker-Ukrainians, “Ukraine 31st Independence Day”

Happy Independence Day, Ukrainians.

Mayor Eric Adams says what happens on the global stage plays out on the streets of New York City, one of the most diverse cities on the Globe.”

“New York has the largest Ukraine population in the country;” says Mayor Adams.


Odesa, Ukraine’s new Chernobyl Fears

Ukraine faces new Chernobyl fears at the Odesa nuclear power plant. United Nations address the dire consequences.

Are the U.S., and Ukraine officials’ demands for imminent evacuations attributed to Russia’s consistently shelling near Ukraine’s several nuclear power plants?

“Ukraine has 15 Russian design nuclear power reactors at four locations generating half of Ukraine’s electricity; seven units are currently in operation.” https://carnegieendowment.org/2022/04/27/civil-nuclear-energy-risks-from-russia-s-invasion-of-ukraine-pub-87064


The Cold War of Soviet Union, “Puppet States.”

A return to the Cold War is World War III.

Eastern European countries that were puppet states of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, (1945-1989).

*People’s Republic of Bulgaria *Czechoslovakia Socialist Republic, *East Germany *Hungarian People’s Republic *the Socialist Republic of Romania *Polish People’s Republic *the Democratic Republic of Albania *Mongolian People’s Republic *North Korean until 1976. *Austria until 1955

As the Russian unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues to battle for occupied Ukrainian territory the Russian forces now control the Luhansk region and have made small advances in the Donetsk region. If the Russian war against Ukraine proceeds to escalate and shift toward Putin’s ambitions to return to the Soviet Union rule of the Puppet States in Eastern Europe, will a Russian victory in Ukraine signal an International World War III?

The outcome of Ukraine’s war against Russia’s aggression will impact the world. The current strain on Ukraine’s global wheat, exports has triggered an uptick in global hunger in third-world countries dependent on Ukraine’s global supply chain. Russia has weaponized its gas Energy Pipeline supply in Eastern Europe and President Biden labeled the spike increase at U.S. gas pumps as “The Putin gas price.”

While the Puppet States are normally kept in power by the occupying country in their nation the West has expressed concerns about Russian Federation’s ambitions to return to the Soviet Union’s rule of Puppet States in Ukraine.

Initially; Putin alleged his sole purpose for invasion of Ukraine was to defeat a segment of Nazism in the region. Thusly; six months into the war Putin’s aggression for the conquest of Ukraine has proven not expeditiously achieved with only a gain of smaller territorial land advancements in the Ukraine region.

U.S. NATO analysis is that Russia is losing the war. Putin’s ambition to conquest Ukraine is neutralized by President Zelensky courageously, fighting alongside his Ukrainian troops to steadfastly hold off Russian troops’ aggression to topple Ukraine’s freedom of territorial sovereignty.

President Zelensky has said that as long as Western leaders supply the military aircraft, missiles, ammunition, and financial aid he can stave off the Russians from taking over his country. Zelensky has not ceased to seek diplomatic solutions to end the conflict for the sake of saving his country from further ruins and to arrive at a place of restoration and rebuilding for the return of Ukrainian refugees, which over one million Ukrainian refugees are currently resettled in nearby European countries as well as the U.S., country. https://data.unhcr.org/en/situations/ukraine


The Rodman Freedom Keys Act

The Espionage act on the Mar-a-Lago. The Inflation Reduction act on carbon footprint reduction. Dennis Rodman is to travel to Russia to release Brittney Griner. Dennis coming with the keys if he can unlock the gates, then that’s a “BFD!” Big Freedom Day for Brittney Griner.

Freedom Diplomatic talks with Russia to release the celebrity American citizen.


United Nations on Afghanistan and Ukraine.

August 18, 2022:

Nineteen minutes of daily Press.

One year later since the Taliban of Afghanistan takeover and concerns of terrorism in the region once again are looming threats for U.S. officials.

No end to the Ukraine and Russia war as the Ukrainian struggle to protect nuclear sites that Russia has been shelling for days.


Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

On this date April 7, 2022, the world has witnessed an American Historical moment on the Supreme Court of Justice. U.S. Senate confirmation of the Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson to the highest Court in the land.

Hon. Brown Jackson will take her oath to replace Justice Stephen Breyer.

April 7, 2022, U.S. Senate confirm Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson to the SCOTUS.

Peace Talks War Intervention

Biden arrives in Europe to meet with allies. Zelensky warns of WWIII in efforts of peace talks with Russia. Meanwhile bloody battle continues in key Ukrainian cities.


Russian Federation alleged Ukraine has Bioweapons

Russian Federation Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya conveys to the UN Security Council that Ukraine has U.S.funding Bioweapons Facilities. The U.S.Ambassador Thomas Greenfield emphatically sets the record straight and rejects Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya’s allegations of a U.S., Ukrainian bioweapons program as false messaging. Thomas Greenfield alluded to Russia’s claims as disingenuous, disinformation tactics of the Russian information conflict advancement campaign in Putin’s war invasion on Ukraine. The U.S. Ambassador reference that the U.S. involvement in Ukraine Bio Research Lab is scientifically medical-related research for COVID19 vaccines and curable treatment for various coronaviruses health-related diseases.


Military Industrial Complex: “Purveyors of War” Updated 02-28-2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin invasion in Ukraine caused global consequences in the Energy sector. Albeit there weren’t mass media News reports on Afghanistan Energy LNG pipelines. Russia Nordstream one and two pipelines are headline significance of U.S, EU sanctions against Russia war aggression in Ukraine. Russia are the second global oil producer. 🇪🇺 Foreign oil Foreign wars are shadowy backdrafts as necessary evils to create a war crisis environment which demands Artillery solutions. Military Industrial Complex are geopolitical supplier for war.

Wars fought over Energy oil and gas obscured in political narratives that war is necessarily essential.

While President Biden temperament is much kinder than his predecessor Donald Trump. Biden is simultaneously a D.C creature influenced by globalist lobbyists for the Military Industrial Complex. Profiteers of proxy wars with no regard for refugees mass migration, nor the blood shed and loss of life wrought by war. Artillery supplied to overtake governments for the sake of oil. Taliban overakes Afghanistan. When pulling U.S armed forces out of Afghanistan did Biden purposely leave U.S. war chest behind with Taliban who previously were viewed by U.S as global terrorists. Could it possibly have been an act of convenience to serve geopolitical objectives?

Since Russia Ukraine war has begun and nearly three week later in hindsight view a sundry of questions are pondered. Was Biden showing face giving theatric talks for Diplomacy to stimulate positive public opinion for a war looming in Eastern Europe?

Biden Harris Administration were warming Americans, EU and NATO to prepare for a global conflict currently unfolding in Eastern Europe starting first in Ukraine.

The Industrial Complex manufacturer environments for military conflict. Prior to Russia invasion in Ukraine, President Zelensky repetitively question President Biden delayed sanctions for war preventive deterrence amid mounting evidence of Putin’s aggression advancement into Ukraine. Zelensky pleaded with Biden Administration to show strongman Putin a harsh reality of U.S sanctions while putting in place stiffer penalties. Biden has now unleashed stiff economic sanctions which nonce are somewhat meaningless to the Ukraine people who are enduring the war. Ukraine people had to flee their homes from their war torn country with over one million displaced refugees crossing over into neighboring Eastern borders.

President Zelensky express gratitude for the assistance he’s receiving from U.S to fight against Russia but Zelensky as well convey his disappointment of U.S delayed sanctions to prevent a war. Biden Harris Administration gave the clarion call to NATO and EU that war were were coming to Eastern Europe. 🇪🇺 What deterrence could have been enforced to deter Russia aggression invasion into Ukraine? 🇺🇦

Will History judge Russia invasion into Ukraine as an invasion by design an ominous convenience for Nordstream Pipeline war objectives? Historical conquest of Oil and foreign wars pipeline into a geopolitical network for the global military industrial complex.


Vladimir Putin: “NATO Expansions”

Russia President Valadimir Putin discuss NATO expansions in Eastern Europe.


China in the 3rd World War

President Biden said, “a war is most likely to happen because Putin has decided to invade Ukraine, but diplomatic talks with Russia will continue.” The President also said such conflict will be on the scale of World War II. The world is on the brinks of World War III.


War Aggression Diplomacy De-Escalate

When Diplomacy fails war is inevitable


Immigration Reform Policy

Conversation to be had are Immigration Reform Policy for undocumented workers, and how to stop the flow of illegal entry crossing at TX southern borders.

In 2020 President Election season, the Vice President Kamala Harris, and former Vice President Mike Pence provided an overview on Immigration Reform. Harris alluded to enforcing Policy laws to address illegal migration entry.


Diplomacy Russia Ukraine

Today is February 16, 2022. Ukraine declared the 16th as a National date for Unity. Ongoing talks for Peace to deter a world war.


Black History Month Super Bowl “Knee for Justice”

Super Bowl 56 Justice takes a Knee; Voters FIRED 45. January 6th Commission making sure he doesn’t return.


Travelers Destination

Persevere. Fight the good fight of faith.

As the world’s greatest fighter Muhammad Ali, have confidence and appreciation for yourself. You are an original design. Allow no one to take that away from you.

Study, reflect, learn, grow and know you are a blessing. Search inwardly to find your inherited keys.


A Traveler’s Journey

Keep moving searching you didn’t give up therefore you made it. Celebrate. Keep working the world is in need of your labor. Financial compensation is rewarding. No need for celebration you deserve it your works earned it, Artist.


American Interests.

President Biden released Oil Reserves in November of 2021 to relieve Americans from paying high gas prices at the pump.

Amidst U.S Energy crisis, Russia emerge as a key oil supplier in Europe. U.S Oil independence produced in Trump administration significantly depleted under President Biden. U.S has made a full-fledged deja vu circle from U.S Energy independence to U.S thirst for oil necessities of foreign wars fought for Middle East oil abundance.

On the first day of President Biden’s presidency Biden issued an executive order canceling U.S Keystone Pipeline. Biden explained Keystone executive order was to promote green new deal national global agenda for counteracting the climate change crisis. Biden disregarded a global healthy eco-friendly planet upon approving Russia Nordstream2 Pipeline to transport (LNG) liquefied natural gas throughout Eastern Europe.

Deja vu America interests are U.S led foreign wars fought for oil. Former President George W. Bush said, “Americans are addicted to oil.” The 43rd President was simply acknowledging America dependency for oil. Now in 2022, across Party lines thirst for oil quenched in the previous administration are once more felt at the gas pump.

Henceforth, Russia is an Authoritative government and a war with Russia less likely to trigger a mass antiwar outcry so it seem until war with Russia began to loom immensely possible. Therefore U.S Ambassadors are emphasizing dialogue, Diplomacy, and war deterrence to offset WWIII while Nordstream2 Pipeline remains the center of a peaceful outcome. “Oil flow. Oil sanction.”


Tuskegee Airmen Gen. Charles McGee

Tuskegee Airmen celebration In honor and recognition of Black History Month 2022. Video features World War II Veteran Gen. Charles McGee a Tuskegee Airmen pilot deployed in Italy. Gen McGee passed last month on January 16, 2022. Gen. McGee was the last living Tuskegee Airmen. His military aviation career was over a span of 30 years. McGee flew 409 combat missions in WWII: the Korean War and Vietnam War.


U.S Russia Energy Markets

Update: September 1, 2022

Oil is the hook of geopolitical proxy wars. Follow slippery slope crude narratives masking the pipeline that’s fueling U.S & Russia clandestine Energy brawl stirring friction in the Global Energy Markets. Meanwhile, the Markets favor gains in East Europe Energy Markets.

Russia pipelines borders into conflict with Ukraine, an underreported proxy conflict. The Economist online magazine, and Financial Time both said “Nordstream 2 is the world’s most controversial Energy project.”



First Black Woman on Supreme Justice Court

Announcement this Wednesday morning on January 26, 2022 that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire. An empty Justice seat gives President Biden an opportunity to fulfill his promise that he will select a Black Woman if granted opportunity to fill Justice empty seat. Will President fulfill his promise?


Dr. King Prophet and Preacher

At the closing of MLK Holiday on Monday, January 17,2022 reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “A knock at midnight.”

At the closing of MLK Holiday on Monday, January 17,2022 reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “A knock at midnight.”


Dr. King Holiday the Right to Vote

In Honor of Dr. King Birthday Holiday the right to vote in 2022. Too many fought and died for me not to pick a side. With due respect for Republican friends; it’s a matter of principle to demonstrate the height of my gratitude for all Civil Rights leaders and activists who got brutal beatdowns that I may vote in 2022. My precious grandbabies living the dream Dr. King. Dr. King; folks go to prison get Life sentences when they murder Black people now and Justice no longer ignore “Black on Black” people of color victims of crime. A Democratic fair and free society forming to respect for HUMANITY. Our children, grandchildren are living the fruit of the dream a seed planted eloquently cited in “I Have a Dream” speech.


Justice Supreme Court in 2022

Justice Supreme Court Members:

How will History judge January 6,2021 riot attacks on the United States Capitol?


TX Restrictive Abortion Ban

TX Senate Bill VIII. #TexasTribune: “Gov. Greg Abbott signs into law one of nation’s strictest abortion measures, banning procedure as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.” http://shorturl.at/ehBEJ


Dec 26, 2021 edited version: “The unfounded Nativity Scene”

Less than 3 hours Christmas is here. Upon viewing CNN Christmas eve of Jerusalem series, my thoughts centered on Africa and Palestine two ancient nations the world rarely focus vigorous attention to right the wrong brought upon British Mandates that has squandered natives’ land and resources. Colonization conquest Africa, and even today British Mandates from the past are aligned on the side of colonization for the Palestine people which has created a geopolitical network of unceasing conflict for Palestine Israel conflict, thereby; making the Weeping Wall a mirror inside the lives of Palestinian pain and sorrows that equally reflects Jesus sorrowfully emotions lamented in Gethsemane garden prior to Jesus crucifixion.

As the documentary narrator said concerning King Solomon wisdom of “splitting the baby in half to reveal the true mother, in today’s Palestine, “The baby is cut in half, continuously. ”

Palestine fight for freedom are frequently expressed in my Twitter feeds. I also noticed like clockwork; Israel and Palestine conflict breaks out during this time of the year. Why? I wish I had the answer. Henceforth, I can only hope that Palestine people get a break from sorrow and pain in their fight for freedom and Palestine Independence.

Just maybe; in 2022, United Nation’s preamble for global peace will take a view at the Christmas Manger and see that the baby isn’t in the Nativity Scene. European heads of the world are fixated on aristocracy privilege exhibits a realization that the majority are meant to suffer such sorrowful plight. Geopolitics awareness does very little about Palestine and Israel conflict.

Maybe 2022 will flourish a season of change



TX borders into D.C politics.

TX DC Capital frigid relationship partisan opposites on all political fronts of policies that led all the way to Supreme Justice Courts. A year in review of the Lone Star State borders into United States D.C National policies.https://youtu.be/6wYVJEnTknU


TX Right to Vote

Texas State Capital draws a line in the sand and TX Democrat Lawmakers cross over the line and flee to Washington D.C Capital in an act of protest for the right to vote. U.S History for Voting Rights fights are viewed in the light of a sacred right for all people. To think that in the 21st Century year of 2021 Americans are having continuous fights for the right to vote. U.S History shrouded in voting battles fought and won has proven not to be a right etched in stone for all people. Foreigners undocumented status can work, pay taxes but not allow to vote.


The Pursuit of Happiness: “Eviction Moratorium.”

“Preventive measures: Housing is Infrastructure.” HuD Secretary

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge expounds upon President Biden “American Rescue Plan” to bridge the gap from a life of homelessness to a life of productivity which first and foremost requires stability to maintain one’s health and wellbeing. Then productivity can easily take shape.

Protect to Serve. Biden’s Safer America Plan.

Pres. Biden’s, “Safer America Plan.” President Biden emphasized not to defund the police. Instead, “Fund the Police.” The video pays tribute to fallen police officers. Safe America fact sheet below.

Fact Sheet: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/08/01/fact-sheet-president-bidens-safer-america-plan-2/

Baton Rouge Mayor Public Safety Plan.



LSU student shot at railroad tracks.

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