Uighur: U.S Moral Compass

China female tennis star Peng Shuai  disappearance has done more to galvanize  International outrage against China Human Rights abuses embedded into Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

It remains to be seen if the missing  tennis star player Peng Shuai will be the guiding light that will finally motivate world leaders to condemn China’s forced labor enslavement camps which is known as indoctrination sites to detox  Uighur Muslims of  traditions and belief systems. In these enslavement camps Uighur Muslims are violently tormented and just maybe Peng Shuai disappearance are the keys to unlock the chains and set Uighur Muslims free from China’s brutal Communist Party.

Henceforth, a growing movement from Women Tennis Association to boycott China until Peng Shuai safely reappears could be a blessing in disguise for global leadership to spark action and respond to the misery,

“We have heard the cries of  Uighur Muslims people, and China; its time to release and let them go.” 

Uighur Muslims harrowing testimonies of CCP encampment site are heart wrenching tales of corrupt inhumane mafia style-like genocidal practices.

Needless to say, thousands of cries from poor Uighur Muslims have yet to deter U.S.-China foreign exchange of revenue profits. The U.S. remains neutral to China’s Human abuses and world leaders

have turned their faces away from CCP’s Human Rights abuses inflicted upon Uighur Muslims.

WION  “Uighur Survivor’s Harrowing Testimony” video detail accounts of forced brutality inside of China concentration camps.

Human Rights Watch acknowledges Uighur encampment sites are used to indoctrinate and eradicate Muslim Uighur’s’ traditions and customs.  Dehumanizing the Uighur physically and emotionally.

During this Christmas season as 2021 draws to an end, “let freedom ring.” May the star from the East yield light to enlighten hope for a new beginning. From the Uighur Muslims in China; may freedom ring.

Freedom are universal rights. China forced labor camps are enslavement.

Published by dinahcreates Media News Global Voices

Dinah Harris, Multimedia Publisher. dinahcreates: Media News Global Voices

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