A Long Time Coming

Merry Christmas NYC !

It’s been a long time coming but a change is gonna come

Covid19 Pandemic been around for 2 years, Day to day life issues with its sundry of pop-us, sometimes, make you wanna holla and throw up both your hands, and yet;  Human resilience rise above fiery darts and what we can change, Human determination rise up to fix it change it; and that’s exactly what our New Yorker fellow Americans did in November 2021 Mayor election.  Rewarded themselves a safety Christmas gift and voted Eric Adams for Mayor.  New Yorkers will gain a coexistence of public safety and community policing Justice Police Accountability.  The unbroken unwavering power of faith within me, and you.                     

Merry Christmas NYC, it’s been a long time coming but a change is gonna come. https://cash.app/$dinahcreates


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Dinah Harris, Multimedia Publisher. dinahcreates: Media News Global Voices

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