Dr. King Holiday the Right to Vote

In Honor of Dr. King Birthday Holiday the right to vote in 2022. Too many fought and died for me not to pick a side. With due respect for Republican friends; it’s a matter of principle to demonstrate the height of my gratitude for all Civil Rights leaders and activists who got brutal beatdowns that I may vote in 2022. My precious grandbabies living the dream Dr. King. Dr. King; folks go to prison get Life sentences when they murder Black people now and Justice no longer ignore “Black on Black” people of color victims of crime. A Democratic fair and free society forming to respect for HUMANITY. Our children, grandchildren are living the fruit of the dream a seed planted eloquently cited in “I Have a Dream” speech.


Published by dinahcreates Media News Global Voices

Dinah Harris, Multimedia Publisher. dinahcreates: Media News Global Voices

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