Military Industrial Complex: Updated 03-11-2023

‘Purveyors of War.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin invasion in Ukraine caused global consequences in the Energy sector. Russia’s Nordstream one and two pipelines are significant targets of U.S, EU sanctions against Russia war aggression in Ukraine.

Russia is the second global oil producer. 🇪🇺

Oil revenue and foreign wars are shadowy backdrafts as necessary evils which create an environment that demands artillery solutions. The Military Industrial Complex is a geopolitical war supplier.

Wars fought over Energy oil are obscured in political objectives that war is necessarily essential.

While President Biden’s temperament is much kinder than his predecessor Donald Trump. Biden simultaneously is a D.C creature influenced by globalist lobbyists for the Military Industrial Complex. Profiteers of proxy wars with no regard for refugees’ mass migrations, nor the bloodshed and loss of life wrought by war. Artillery is supplied to overtake governments for the sake of oil. When the Taliban overtook Afghanistan and Biden pulled the U.S. armed forces out of Afghanistan, he left the U.S., war chest behind with the Taliban who previously was viewed by the U.S., as global terrorists. Could leaving the U.S war chest in Afghanistan

possibly have been an act of convenience to serve geopolitical objectives?

When Russia and Ukraine began and nearly three weeks later in hindsight view, sundry questions are pondered. Was Biden showing face giving theatric talks for Diplomacy to stimulate positive public opinion for a war looming in Eastern Europe?

The Biden-Harris Administration warned Americans, the EU; and NATO allies to prepare for a global conflict currently unfolding in Eastern Europe starting first in Ukraine.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, Russian troops encompassed Ukrainian borders, and President Zelensky expressed dissatisfaction with President Biden’s delayed sanctions on Russia’s aggression. Zelensky pleaded with the West to use sanctions as a war deterrence amid mounting evidence of Putin’s aggression advancement into Ukraine. Zelensky pleaded with Biden Administration to show ‘strongman’ Putin a harsh reality of U.S. sanctions while putting in place stiffer penalties. Once the war was in motion Biden unleashed stiff economic sanctions which nonce are somewhat meaningless to the Ukraine people who are enduring the war. Ukraine people had to flee their homes in their war-torn country with over one million displaced refugees crossing over into neighboring Eastern border countries.

President Zelensky express gratitude for the assistance he’s receiving from the U.S. to fight against Russia but Zelensky as well conveyed disappointment in the U.S., for delaying sanctions to prevent a war. However, before the war, Biden Harris Administration gave the clarion call to the NATO alliance, and the European Union that war was coming to Eastern Europe. 🇪🇺 Diplomacy deterrence did not deter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? 🇺🇦

Will History judge Russia invasion into Ukraine as an invasion by design an ominous convenience for Nordstream Pipeline war objectives? Historical conquest of Oil and foreign wars pipeline into a geopolitical network for the global military industrial complex.


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