The Cold War of Soviet Union, “Puppet States.”

A return to the Cold War is World War III.

Eastern European countries that were puppet states of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, (1945-1989).

*People’s Republic of Bulgaria *Czechoslovakia Socialist Republic, *East Germany *Hungarian People’s Republic *the Socialist Republic of Romania *Polish People’s Republic *the Democratic Republic of Albania *Mongolian People’s Republic *North Korean until 1976. *Austria until 1955

As the Russian unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues to battle for occupied Ukrainian territory the Russian forces now control the Luhansk region and have made small advances in the Donetsk region. If the Russian war against Ukraine proceeds to escalate and shift toward Putin’s ambitions to return to the Soviet Union rule of the Puppet States in Eastern Europe, will a Russian victory in Ukraine signal an International World War III?

The outcome of Ukraine’s war against Russia’s aggression will impact the world. The current strain on Ukraine’s global wheat, exports has triggered an uptick in global hunger in third-world countries dependent on Ukraine’s global supply chain. Russia has weaponized its gas Energy Pipeline supply in Eastern Europe and President Biden labeled the spike increase at U.S. gas pumps as “The Putin gas price.”

While the Puppet States are normally kept in power by the occupying country in their nation the West has expressed concerns about Russian Federation’s ambitions to return to the Soviet Union’s rule of Puppet States in Ukraine.

Initially; Putin alleged his sole purpose for invasion of Ukraine was to defeat a segment of Nazism in the region. Thusly; six months into the war Putin’s aggression for the conquest of Ukraine has proven not expeditiously achieved with only a gain of smaller territorial land advancements in the Ukraine region.

U.S. NATO analysis is that Russia is losing the war. Putin’s ambition to conquest Ukraine is neutralized by President Zelensky courageously, fighting alongside his Ukrainian troops to steadfastly hold off Russian troops’ aggression to topple Ukraine’s freedom of territorial sovereignty.

President Zelensky has said that as long as Western leaders supply the military aircraft, missiles, ammunition, and financial aid he can stave off the Russians from taking over his country. Zelensky has not ceased to seek diplomatic solutions to end the conflict for the sake of saving his country from further ruins and to arrive at a place of restoration and rebuilding for the return of Ukrainian refugees, which over one million Ukrainian refugees are currently resettled in nearby European countries as well as the U.S., country.

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