January 6th Committee “Recaptured the Vote”

October 13th, Thursday showing of the January 6th Committee public Hearing has stirred curious chatter on “What’s going to happen on the next public hearing episode. Just as good political drama about the D.C. Capital, January 6th Public Hearing has a few twists and turns of dramatics

that captures the viewer’s interest like Tyler Perry’s “Oval,” and Shonda Rhimes’s “Scandal” series. Kerry Washington portrayed the leading character Olivia Pope the brilliant seductress powerhouse fixer in Washington D.C., whereas the name Olivia Pope was revered in the town of Washington’s establishment.

Henceforth; Trump attempted to overturn the election like the scandalous character Olivia Pope who overturned a few elections. Therefore; on January 6th the Apprentice character real-life U.S. 45th POTUS was the mastermind behind the riots that took place at the Capitol. Protesters stormed the Capitol to overthrow America’s free and fair presidential election that was won by President Biden.

The January 6th Committee reminds us all, “Democracy” is not a toy. Masterminding rioting protesters to storm the Capitol to fix a favorable outcome that will sway your way from actual results will get you subpoenaed.

On Thursday, the committee unanimously voted to subpoena former President Donald Trump to appear before the committee. Watch the drama unfold in the video. Recapture the vote on the CSPAN video

Scandal in the Oval; now 45 is Subpoena.

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