Midterm Colorful Comedy Politics

“I’m your President. I’m Jill’s husband Joe.”

“Waiting for the staff to script me.”

You darn straight I’m a Believer. Redemption saved me money. Too many were asking for abortion funds.

Hersh; man, you fake Bro. At least I didn’t lie about her feet. Move, get outta the way means “move, get out of my way.”

“I got this.”

“I’m rolling with Stacy Abrams. We go represent Georgia. Just got to roll back Kemp, and that Red Tsunami. People getting tired of the women’s reproductive rights while Joe got em’ paying $ten dollars for gas, $fifteen for cheese and $20 for bread.

Now, help me with that Texas border drama. How do I link it to Putin? The more I ignore the elephant, the larger the Border grows. This invasion is a threat to Democracy. Oh, no; I’m saving that one for GOP smear and shame, don’t vote for the Republicans campaign.

2022 Voting Booth:

“Inflation. High Grocery expenses. High Gas cost at the pumps. Crime. Repeated offenders use more than guns. “Rape. Maliciously shoving on the subways. Beating the Elderly with bats and hammers. Smash-and-grab store merchandise and businesses are moving out of the shopping center. These are the Black and White reality issues that plague worrisome anxiety among the average person on a daily basis.” Transistion into an ecosystem greener environment. May we all play our part.

Win America. You are the visionary principles of the founder’s Republic Democracy. From Dinah Harris

“Voting Rights!”

If you care about Democracy, make sure you vote in the 2022 Midterm Elections.


Published by dinahcreates Media News Global Voices

Dinah Harris, Multimedia Publisher. dinahcreates: Media News Global Voices

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