The Energy Department exposes Wuhan Lab

Are American government weaponizing censorship against its citizens?

The Department of Energy’s recent reports that COVID-19 may have leaked out of China’s Wuhan Lab questions the government’s “misinformation, disinformation campaign.

In 2020 when information on the Chinese Wuhan leakage was discussed by conservative voices and members of the medical science community it was partisan governing officials who blocked the discussion and “smeared, sneered, & called those who blamed Wuhan Lab for the Covid-19 pandemic as conspiracy theorists” labeled as racist, xenophobic that were framing harm against the American Chinese community. So, why now that the same leaders who protected Wuhan Lab against accusations of COVID-19 leakage, nonce allowing the exposure to the Wuhan Lab Covid-19 leak that’s killed millions of people across the globe? Perhaps the answer is found in the Russians Ukrainian War.

U.S. Retribution against China-Russia Alliance.

China’s human rights sins against the Uighur people didn’t warrant rebuke by the Biden Administration. U.S. refrained to reprimand China for stealing U.S. technology secrets and buying U.S., farmland near American Military Installations. Neither were China challenged when they invaded U.S. airspace by flying Surveillance balloons over the North American continent across American states. The U.S.-China diplomatic alliance is critical for maintaining global stability and preventing a nuclear global war. Nevertheless, China’s competitiveness and adversarial advancement against the U.S. will eventually compel U.S. government to likewise, respond.

and the U.S-China diplomatic relations remain intact.

“Rumors of Wars:” WWIII

Henceforth, could the Energy Department’s exposure of the Chinese Wuhan Lab, in part, is due to China’s alliance with Russia; and geopolitical concerns that China may provide lethal aid to President Putin?

Since the Trump Administration, China, Russia, and Iran alliance has conducted several military drills and is planning future military excursions. And if, for some unorthodox reason, North Korea’s ongoing ballistic missile tests join an alliance with China, Russia, and Iran’s global pact, may God help us all.

Scientists who found coronavirus in the Wuhan Lab.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Virolist.

Dr. Li Meng Yan, Virolist; on China’s Covid-19.


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