A future Asia “SEATO” resurgence?

Asia’s past “NATO” version of a Pacific Military Alliance China’s New World Order Military Alliance. Vice President Kamala Harris, takes a trip to Africa as a signal of a unified U.S.,-African friendship deterrence from China’s New World Order. “The creation of SEATO, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization Intergovernmental military alliance for collective defense in SoutheastContinue reading “A future Asia “SEATO” resurgence?”

Election 2024: Crime and Border Control

Biden’s Criminal Justice Policy. “Criminal Justice policy will strengthen America’s commitment to justice, and reform the broken criminal justice system,” said Biden. Public Safety Matters. Safe Justice Act: “Our criminal justice system cannot be just unless we root out the racial, gender, and income-based disparities in the system; Black mothers and fathers should feel confidentContinue reading “Election 2024: Crime and Border Control”

Peace Talks War Intervention

Biden arrives in Europe to meet with allies. Zelensky warns of WWIII in efforts of peace talks with Russia. Meanwhile bloody battle continues in key Ukrainian cities.