Canada wildfire hazes U.S. Air Quality.

“The smoke drifting its way over the Interstate 95 corridor started sneaking into eastern New York and western New England early Monday evening,” The smoke drifting it’s way in eastern NY. “Scientists from Stanford University and the University of California, San Diego, found that toxic plumes of smoke, which can blanket western statesContinue reading “Canada wildfire hazes U.S. Air Quality.”

Normandy 1944, “Operation Overlord.”

“Normandy 1944. An original upscaled documentary about the Normandy invasion, also called Operation Overlord or D-Day during World War II, the Allied invasion of western Europe which was launched June 6, 1944, the most celebrated D-Day of the war with the simultaneous landing of U.S., British and Canadian forces on five separate beaches in NormandyContinue reading “Normandy 1944, “Operation Overlord.””

“Court Expansion.”

Politico: “Progressive lawmakers are reigniting a push to expand the Supreme Court, pointing to recent reports on alleged ethics concerns for multiple justices.” Politico: “In a press event with advocacy groups, several Democratic lawmakers pointed to recent reports detailing the alleged financial relationships and dealings of multiple justices and their families.”

High-level Boalasore, Derailment Probe

Prime Minister Modi warns of severe punishment. “The Indian Railways has initiated a high-level probe into the train crash incident. The probe team will be headed by the commissioner of railway safety, South Eastern Circle. The commissioner of railway safety works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and investigates all such accidents. “A M Chowdhary,Continue reading “High-level Boalasore, Derailment Probe”

Rail Officials, investigate Train Derailment Sabotage.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi says those responsible for the deadly train crash in India will receive the “harshest punishment”. More than 300 people were killed and 900 injured in Friday’s accident in Odisha’s Balasore district, with the number of dead having risen after 15 bodies were recovered on Saturday night. On his visit to the crashContinue reading “Rail Officials, investigate Train Derailment Sabotage.”


Update on Odisha India “Train Derailment Accident.’ June 4 Update. EuroNews. “Odisha India train derailment was caused by an error in the electronic system.“ June 4 update. TVP World: “Train Derailment Deaths Surpass 300.’ India Today: “ODISHA Train Accident: At least 280 died and thousands injured in an accident on Friday, June 2, after aContinue reading “ODISHA, INDIA RAIL TRAGEDY.”

South Africa Democratic Alliance.

When Putin visits South Africa in August for the BRICS meeting members of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa; Putin will be arrested. The Democratic Alliance Party launches legal actions to ensure the government arrests Putin on International Criminal Court (ICC) warrant for war crimes. Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks to South AfricanContinue reading “South Africa Democratic Alliance.”

The EU Renewable Energy Project.

“The Horizon 2020 green deal project, led by the Dutch Marine Energy Centre, EU-SCORES will demonstrate the combination of offshore wind with wave- and offshore solar PV energy.” The deployment is planned to last for approximately two years. It will continuously deliver electricity to the local Belgium grid. “The floaters will be designed and built inContinue reading “The EU Renewable Energy Project.”

The ‘U.S. EU News’ rundown.

U.S. Democrat Minority House Speaker Rep. Hakeem Jeffries “A Powerful Force.” Overnight Drone Attack on Moscow causes fire at Oil Refinery No reports of casualties. Pro-Russian, Anti-Ukrainian Exhibition in Rome titled “Resistance” Sparks Public Outrage. Prime Minister Meloni stresses the importance of protecting Ukraine. “More security, more cooperation, more opportunities to restore peace – VolodymyrContinue reading “The ‘U.S. EU News’ rundown.”

China in Taiwan Strait.

CNBC: “Chinese has two ships  and an aircraft carrier over the Taiwanese Strait. The Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday accompanied by two other ships, Taiwan’s defense ministry said, in the latest uptick in military tensions over the island Beijing claims as its own territory.” Sky News: “One monthContinue reading “China in Taiwan Strait.”