“The 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education.”

“On May 17, 1954, lawyer Thurgood Marshall scored a landmark victory as the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.” U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall (July 2, 1908 – January 24, 1993) was an American civil rights lawyer and jurist who served as an associate justice of the SupremeContinue reading ““The 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education.””

Supreme Court Justice.

With nine Supreme Court Justices, will packing the Court by increasing additional Supreme Court Justices improve ethics, and accentuate fairer rules of court cases? Or is Packing the Supreme Court for the benefit of gaining a favorable partisanship outcome a progressive political aim to weaponize the Court? The Checks and Balances of the three branchesContinue reading “Supreme Court Justice.”

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

On this date April 7, 2022, the world has witnessed an American Historical moment on the Supreme Court of Justice. U.S. Senate confirmation of the Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson to the highest Court in the land. Hon. Brown Jackson will take her oath to replace Justice Stephen Breyer.