Peace Talks War Intervention

Biden arrives in Europe to meet with allies. Zelensky warns of WWIII in efforts of peace talks with Russia. Meanwhile bloody battle continues in key Ukrainian cities.

Military Industrial Complex: “Purveyors of War” Updated 02-28-2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin invasion in Ukraine caused global consequences in the Energy sector. Albeit there weren’t mass media News reports on Afghanistan Energy LNG pipelines. Russia Nordstream one and two pipelines are headline significance of U.S, EU sanctions against Russia war aggression in Ukraine. Russia are the second global oil producer. 🇪🇺 Foreign oilContinue reading “Military Industrial Complex: “Purveyors of War” Updated 02-28-2022″


China in the 3rd World War

President Biden said, “a war is most likely to happen because Putin has decided to invade Ukraine, but diplomatic talks with Russia will continue.” The President also said such conflict will be on the scale of World War II. The world is on the brinks of World War III.

War Aggression Diplomacy De-Escalate

When Diplomacy fails war is inevitable

Black History Month Super Bowl “Knee for Justice”

Super Bowl 56 Justice takes a Knee; Voters FIRED 45. January 6th Commission making sure he doesn’t return.

Travelers Destination

Persevere. Fight the good fight of faith. As the world’s greatest fighter Muhammad Ali, have confidence and appreciation for yourself. You are an original design. Allow no one to take that away from you. Study, reflect, learn, grow and know you are a blessing. Search inwardly to find your inherited keys.

From the Nativity scene to Science.

Science post Nativity Scene. #december2021 12-02, 2021We are in the illuminating age of Science. I believe COVID19 has bridged the gap between Science community and general public. The global community is more aware attuned with listening daily for Science-based information. We are groomed to rely on scientific data. We trust their research and we areContinue reading “From the Nativity scene to Science.”