“Court Expansion.”

Politico: “Progressive lawmakers are reigniting a push to expand the Supreme Court, pointing to recent reports on alleged ethics concerns for multiple justices.” https://www.politico.com/minutes/congress/05-16-2023/supreme-court-expansion-bill/ Politico: “In a press event with advocacy groups, several Democratic lawmakers pointed to recent reports detailing the alleged financial relationships and dealings of multiple justices and their families.”

Supreme Court Justice.

With nine Supreme Court Justices, will packing the Court by increasing additional Supreme Court Justices improve ethics, and accentuate fairer rules of court cases? Or is Packing the Supreme Court for the benefit of gaining a favorable partisanship outcome a progressive political aim to weaponize the Court? The Checks and Balances of the three branchesContinue reading “Supreme Court Justice.”

Black History Month Super Bowl “Knee for Justice”

Super Bowl 56 Justice takes a Knee; Voters FIRED 45. January 6th Commission making sure he doesn’t return.

January13, 2022 “Supreme Court Justice”

A U.S. Constitutional Victory. Three Separate Branches https://youtu.be/aLW6tDfA-aY