Afghan women’s Rights are deprived under the Taliban.

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has deprived the rights of Afghanistan women. Recent protests against the Taliban government led to the Taliban’s physical assault on Afghan women protesting for the rights of women and girls. Last year in the infant stage of the Taliban administration, the leaders vowed to uphold the humanContinue reading “Afghan women’s Rights are deprived under the Taliban.”

Military Industrial Complex: “Purveyors of War” Updated 02-28-2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin invasion in Ukraine caused global consequences in the Energy sector. Albeit there weren’t mass media News reports on Afghanistan Energy LNG pipelines. Russia Nordstream one and two pipelines are headline significance of U.S, EU sanctions against Russia war aggression in Ukraine. Russia are the second global oil producer. 🇪🇺 Foreign oilContinue reading “Military Industrial Complex: “Purveyors of War” Updated 02-28-2022″

Taliban August 26 ISIS-K Attacks

Pentagon said Islamic State launched August 26, 2021 attacks outside of Kabul Airport. What’s interesting is that Taliban spokespersons’ wasn’t pleased at talks of U.S. Administration possibly extending evacuations beyond August 31st date. Both Taliban spokespersons expresses a sense of betrayal that Biden Administration didn’t fulfill it’s obligation to leave in May 2021.$dinahcreates