Texas Border Crossings

Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee boycotted the Hearings and chose not to travel to Mc Allen, TX. Democrats claimed the Hearings were nothing more than the GOP trying to score political points. On Sunday, March 12th a large group of people from Mexico stormed on the El Paso bridge forcing authorities to put upContinue reading “Texas Border Crossings”

Skating through Nature

Recollection of Hurricane Ike. A few days later the floods subsided and the roads were cleared. The neighbors came out to check on each other. While Stewie, and Deante, skate through the sights and sounds, a longing for peace from the winds and the rain could be felt. What impresses my thoughts is how theContinue reading “Skating through Nature”

The Mansion beholds Grace.

A well-deserved tribute in honor of Rep. James E. Clyburn. A festive gathering is in attendance and fills the room with adulation for a rich Black History, and appreciation for the shoulders that Black Americans stand on. A legacy of those who lifted successive generations’ pathways and elevated them to greater heights. The winding roadContinue reading “The Mansion beholds Grace.”

See Taliban Oil Pipeline

https://cash.app/$dinahcreates Oil is the driving force” in U.S. Foreign Policy The 43rd President George W. Bush said Americans are addicted to oil. Conservative Evangelists reference OT scripture Ezekiel 38:4 as “oil is the hook in the jaw that Prophet Ezekiel speaks of. Oil contributes to countless wars and wars propels waves of Middle East refugees.Continue reading “See Taliban Oil Pipeline”

Globe feeling Foreign Wars sorrows

September 11,2001 a day of U.S. sorrows the day terrorists attacked on U.S. soils grieved the country and shook the confidence of the American people that distance shores and shining seas was no longer a safe haven from terrorist assaults by foreign foes abroad. 911 that infamous day meticulously crafted a springboard for U.S. globalContinue reading “Globe feeling Foreign Wars sorrows”

Biden in a world of Taliban

As episodes of Taliban takeover continue to unfold, albeit America is a super power nation, U.S. 46th President at the helm appears to be an awry kind of movie while Taliban is showcased on the global stage. When it comes to Taliban; Biden is in a world of Taliban. The script is changing rapidly, andContinue reading “Biden in a world of Taliban”