North Korea launch Missle Tests


North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un launches more missiles.

“North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM); Saturday, February 18, 2023, in a surprise drill.”


Tragic Shooting in Orlando, FL.

“A Journalist, and a 9-year-old shot.”

Orlando News: “An Orlando TV journalist and a 9-year-old child were shot and killed near a crime scene where a woman was found shot to death earlier in the day.”

NY Times Photo Image

White House Press Briefing on Gun Violence.

02/23/2023. Press Secretary: Karine Jean Pierre

UN demands Peace, now!

The United Nations declared it’s time for the Russia-Ukraine War to come to an end.

“The UN General Assembly calls for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine.”

A full year into the Russia-Ukraine war. On American Presidents Day, President Biden was in Europe to visit Poland and travel to Ukraine. In a show of unified strength, President Biden alongside President Zelensky walked the streets of a war-torn Ukraine city.

Horrible footage of the terrifying effects of war on civilians.

The Mansion beholds Grace.

A well-deserved tribute in honor of Rep. James E. Clyburn.

A festive gathering is in attendance and fills the room with adulation for a rich Black History, and appreciation for the shoulders that Black Americans stand on. A legacy of those who lifted successive generations’ pathways and elevated them to greater heights. The winding road was not as tedious because of the heritage roadmap of those who had gone before, traveled the rugged paths, and despite the roughness, and tedious journey, still they rise! America is the benefactor from the luster beams that glow from the merits of ‘Black History’ excellence, a reflection for many to see, and duplicate. This joyful grace of Black History was the celebration theme of Mayor Eric Adams, Black History Month Reception.

The glorious occasion of the Mayor’s Black History Month Reception took place in the home of Mayor Adams, Gracie Mansion.

Happy Black History Month to all the esteemed guests. Yes; for all of the guests in attendance, “You are highly esteemed!”

Reconnaissance: “Space Satellites.”

A resourceful guide to the United States reconnaissance missions with a focus on China’s recon engagements.

Reconnaissance Espionage:

Reconnaissance is a clandestine observation of enemy territory for the discovery of possible weaknesses.

Espionage is to obtain knowledge on a target, secretly; whether it be in another nation or other groups.

“The United States Space Force (USSF)

The USSF is the space service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, one of the eight U.S. services, and the world’s only independent space force. Along with its sister branch, the U.S. Air Force; the Space Force is part of the Department of the Air Force, one of the three civilian-led military departments within the Department of Defense. The Space Force is overseen by the Secretary of the Air Force, a civilian political appointee who reports to the Secretary of Defense, and is appointed by the President and approved by Senate confirmation.”

Reconnaissance active mission is to seek out the enemy, terrain and/or weather observation of enemy positions, obstacles, and routes a pathway of various object structures that can range from air-flying surveillance balloons; to drones, satellites, and on-the-ground telephony technologies which detect and tracks GPS signaling.

The recent U.S. and China talks about China’s surveillance balloon that flew over Alaska, Montana, and finally shot down by an F22 Raptor fighter from the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley, VA., Air Force Base, fired one AIM-9X Sidewinder missile at the balloon plunging the object out of the South Carolina skies.

China acknowledged that the high-altitude balloon flying over Latin America was a civilian airship conducting weather research. China also said, the U.S., flew spy balloons more than 10 times into Chinese airspace.

Space Reconnaissance surveillance espionage of satellites tracking the routes and pathways of all people are the present-future of a One World Global Community.

The Bilderberg documentary movie streaming on Prime Video.

“Since 1954 the world’s most powerful and influential people of politics, finance, royalty, business, banking, and media have gathered annually to discuss things that the general public are still not allowed to know about.” The question is asked, “Who’s running the world?

“Out of many emerge one.” In the process, heads of Democracies, Autocracies, and all forms of government will relinquish their sovereignty to adopt an international philosophical view of a Democracy rule-based Liberal World Order.

Surveillance: ‘Big-Tech’ Government globalization partnership in the New World Order.

A gentle intersectional approach of using members of the Free Press as propaganda assets for the Administration State to progressively manage information and maintain worldwide social control.

If Democratic heads of State coordinate among all forms of International governments, to institute a dominion system of governance forced upon all people worldwide the masses will be forced to live under strict compliance of the State which will overshadow Americans freedom way of life. Surveillance will masterfully seize civil liberties.

Social Democracy limited rights to privacy and ownership. Constant observation of one’s carbon footprint for green gas reduction is a principal factor in this globalized environment controlled by bankers, and corporations, aligned with the new global governance administration.

Foreign Analysis: Iran

International Analysis with an emphasis on the Iranian women’s protests.

In Iran the Hajib is the object of theocratic

affection elevated upon the women hair coverage and enforced by the Iran government mandatory as a public attire for Iranian women.

Lisa Daftari Investigative Journalist of the Foreign Desk provides an overview of the punishment that Iranian women protesters are enduring for exercising their right to protest against the male theocratic regime that rejects UN International Law: “Dignity for all’ is United Nations charter’s preamble of Human Rights.

While, HT News shares an analytical point of view; Aljazeera takes audiences to real-time uprisings as current events unfold.

Iran leader rages unjustified punishment against Iranian women “protests,” uprising.

Midterm Colorful Comedy Politics

“I’m your President. I’m Jill’s husband Joe.”

“Waiting for the staff to script me.”

You darn straight I’m a Believer. Redemption saved me money. Too many were asking for abortion funds.

Hersh; man, you fake Bro. At least I didn’t lie about her feet. Move, get outta the way means “move, get out of my way.”

“I got this.”

“I’m rolling with Stacy Abrams. We go represent Georgia. Just got to roll back Kemp, and that Red Tsunami. People getting tired of the women’s reproductive rights while Joe got em’ paying $ten dollars for gas, $fifteen for cheese and $20 for bread.

Now, help me with that Texas border drama. How do I link it to Putin? The more I ignore the elephant, the larger the Border grows. This invasion is a threat to Democracy. Oh, no; I’m saving that one for GOP smear and shame, don’t vote for the Republicans campaign.

2022 Voting Booth:

“Inflation. High Grocery expenses. High Gas cost at the pumps. Crime. Repeated offenders use more than guns. “Rape. Maliciously shoving on the subways. Beating the Elderly with bats and hammers. Smash-and-grab store merchandise and businesses are moving out of the shopping center. These are the Black and White reality issues that plague worrisome anxiety among the average person on a daily basis.” Transistion into an ecosystem greener environment. May we all play our part.

Win America. You are the visionary principles of the founder’s Republic Democracy. From Dinah Harris

“Voting Rights!”

If you care about Democracy, make sure you vote in the 2022 Midterm Elections.

Germany Recession

“The EU and NATO”

With the realization of the Energy crisis and economic woes, the German people are breaking away from the Western narrative and placing the blame on the U.S. and NATO.

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