United Nations: U.S. poet Amanda Gorman and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Amanda Gorman opens the 2022 UN General Assembly Week. Gorman’s thought provocative poem on Human relations with the planet, and Humanity. Our highest calling is to recognize, “We are one kindred spirit.”

Guterres: “Our world is in trouble.”

A global view of the world and a wise poetic approach to shaping a worldview of hope and solutions, inspiration; and rebuke of those who manufacture perils of the world.

The Crown Jewels

“Tower of London Historic Royal Palaces.”

A Historic Occasion: Queen Elizabeth II, laid to rest. The Crown returns to the Tower of London.


Russia’s accusations of Ukrainian nazism.

During the onslaught of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Russia had long before the war invasion was launched in February, accused Ukraine of having an element of nazism. However; how does Russia explain 2014 taking Crimea from Ukrainian territory? Nazism, Fascism is to control society by a one-party rule or a one-man political ruling over society and controlling the flow of information with an absolute propaganda message of the state. Freedom of choice is lost in this totalitarian imperialistic approach to dictatorship government.

Asylum Immigration Czar, the (AIC).

The Mission Motto: “Protect Americans. Safeguard the Borders. Serve Migrants Asylum Seekers.” The AIC will assist illegal Borders crossing entry of Migrants seeking Asylum, and interact with the Congressional Body to implement a codified Immigration Reformed initiative.

With TX Gov. Abbott sending migrants on busses to Washington, D.C., NYC, and recently Chicago city added to the list, has placed tremendous strain on the Mayors’ cities with the sudden influx of migrant arrivals.

Although the illegal border crisis poses a national security risk, it’s equally an opportunity for the federal level to prioritize a codified Immigration Reform Act, and assist border towns with federal funds for the vetted process system of Asylum seekers.

An “Asylum Immigration Czar” will lead the way to enhance national borders protection equipped with quantum-leaped “eyes in the skies” technologies that will assist in the universal vetting process for migrants seeking Asylum. The federal funding for the “Asylum Immigration Czar”  multidimensional function to protect the borders and serve the Immigration asylum seekers with adequate resources for transitional resettlement within the fabric of the American community.

The AIC, Asylum Immigration Czar will work with TX and AZ border cities’ to oversee coordinated tasks for asylum seekers, and assist Gov. Abbott’s migrant’s relocation transit campaign. The biggest complaint by Mayors who are recipients of Abbott’s transit project is the lack of  “compassionate” transit handoff and detailed coordination process for asylum seekers on the part of Texas Gov. Abbott.

Both the Border crisis, and Immigration Reform requires the Legislative Body utmost attention. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security’s FEMA Agency are the second command in line for the functioning role of the AIC to expeditiously mitigate the process that will expedite asylum seekers while working as a liaison with NGOs, stakeholders, and U.S. Customs Border Patrol who protects the Borders, and patrols U.S. border crossing illegal entry.

The AIC requires a Military background or a Foreign Service Officer since their state of affairs will consist of frequent onsite interaction of the Borders Crossing entry.

Immigration Reform Policy and Border Protection:  https://www.fairus.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw39uYBhCLARIsAD_SzMTxrzlTqQh0HRE3HQ-Py8S_ckO6u9hHYEdYYJDhtY_elOQq1IxEfd4aAoyaEALw_wcB


United Nations said that Texas Border Crossing is the most dangerous border crossing entry in the world.


Afghan women’s Rights are deprived under the Taliban.

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has deprived the rights of Afghanistan women. Recent protests against the Taliban government led to the Taliban’s physical assault on Afghan women protesting for the rights of women and girls. Last year in the infant stage of the Taliban administration, the leaders vowed to uphold the human rights values of women and girls. 

A follow-up under the Taliban take-over: “Taliban deprive Women of Livelihood, Identity.” https://www.hrw.org/news/2022/01/18/afghanistan-taliban-deprive-women-livelihoods-identity

Russia halts gas supply to the EU.

Russia halts it’s Nordstream 1 gas supply to the EU for three days. Meanwhile, Russia fired upon Enerhoda ahead of the IAEA delegation visit.


President Zelensky accuses Russia of Nuclear blackmail threats.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky tells the UN, “Russia should stop making nuclear blackmail threats.”


New Yorker-Ukrainians, “Ukraine 31st Independence Day”

Happy Independence Day, Ukrainians.

Mayor Eric Adams says what happens on the global stage plays out on the streets of New York City, one of the most diverse cities on the Globe.”

“New York has the largest Ukraine population in the country;” says Mayor Adams.

Odesa, Ukraine’s new Chernobyl Fears

Ukraine faces new Chernobyl fears at the Odesa nuclear power plant. United Nations address the dire consequences.

Are the U.S., and Ukraine officials’ demands for imminent evacuations attributed to Russia’s consistently shelling near Ukraine’s several nuclear power plants?

“Ukraine has 15 Russian design nuclear power reactors at four locations generating half of Ukraine’s electricity; seven units are currently in operation.” https://carnegieendowment.org/2022/04/27/civil-nuclear-energy-risks-from-russia-s-invasion-of-ukraine-pub-87064

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