See Taliban Oil Pipeline$dinahcreates

Oil is the driving force” in U.S. Foreign Policy The 43rd President George W. Bush said Americans are addicted to oil. Conservative Evangelists reference OT scripture Ezekiel 38:4 as “oil is the hook in the jaw that Prophet Ezekiel speaks of. Oil contributes to countless wars and wars propels waves of Middle East refugees. Afghanistan Unocal Oil and Gas pipeline belongs to Taliban who currently runs the country.

Taliban August 26 ISIS-K Attacks

Pentagon said Islamic State launched August 26, 2021 attacks outside of Kabul Airport.

What’s interesting is that Taliban spokespersons’ wasn’t pleased at talks of U.S. Administration possibly extending evacuations beyond August 31st date. Both Taliban spokespersons expresses a sense of betrayal that Biden Administration didn’t fulfill it’s obligation to leave in May 2021.$dinahcreates

Globe feeling Foreign Wars sorrows

September 11,2001 a day of U.S. sorrows the day terrorists attacked on U.S. soils grieved the country and shook the confidence of the American people that distance shores and shining seas was no longer a safe haven from terrorist assaults by foreign foes abroad. 911 that infamous day meticulously crafted a springboard for U.S. global led war on terrorism. In 2021; 20 years later the globe feeling foreign wars sorrows. You can hear the sorrow in “All about Love.”

Biden inside of Taliban (Part 2)

Part 2: Biden in a world of Taliban

President Biden declared Afghanistan 20 year war officially over and said “now it’s time for U.S. troops to come home.”

So far so good until Taliban takeover crashed on Biden’s Foreign Policy. Now, Biden finds himself in a world of Taliban on the global stage.

Biden in a world of Taliban

As episodes of Taliban takeover continue to unfold, albeit America is a super power nation, U.S. 46th President at the helm appears to be an awry kind of movie while Taliban is showcased on the global stage. When it comes to Taliban; Biden is in a world of Taliban. The script is changing rapidly, and frequently. We all are praying for a comforting peaceful resolution.

COVID19 Delta Variant

How long will the globe have to endure this strange era in this new world of pandemic pandemonium?

The Pursuit of Happiness: “Eviction Moratorium.”

“Preventive measures: Housing is Infrastructure.” HuD Secretary

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge expounds upon President Biden “American Rescue Plan” to bridge the gap from a life of homelessness to a life of productivity which first and foremost requires stability to maintain one’s health and wellbeing. Then productivity can easily take shape.

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