Wise Men East Four Columns

Happy New Year! When seasons change “broken pieces navigates” into wholeness. Leaders that’s void of vision when seasons change a visionary Leader comes forth with insight, clarity, and new direction. When seasons changes Injustice may stack odds against you but changes of the season amid images that appear bleak and unfair, you will witness raysContinue reading “Wise Men East Four Columns”

Uighur: U.S Moral Compass

China female tennis star Peng Shuai  disappearance has done more to galvanize  International outrage against China Human Rights abuses embedded into Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  It remains to be seen if the missing  tennis star player Peng Shuai will be the guiding light that will finally motivate world leaders to condemn China’s forced labor enslavementContinue reading “Uighur: U.S Moral Compass”

From the Nativity scene to Science.

Science post Nativity Scene. #december2021 12-02, 2021We are in the illuminating age of Science. I believe COVID19 has bridged the gap between Science community and general public. The global community is more aware attuned with listening daily for Science-based information. We are groomed to rely on scientific data. We trust their research and we areContinue reading “From the Nativity scene to Science.”