Wise Men East Four Columns

Please make your donations. Thank you in advance. https://cash.app/$dinahcreates When seasons change “broken pieces navigates” into wholeness. Leaders that’s void of vision when seasons change a visionary Leader comes forth with insight, clarity, and new direction. When seasons changes Injustice may stack odds against you but changes of the season amid images that appear bleakContinue reading “Wise Men East Four Columns”

A Long Time Coming

Merry Christmas NYC !https://cash.app/$dinahcreates It’s been a long time coming but a change is gonna come Covid19 Pandemic been around for 2 years, Day to day life issues with its sundry of pop-us, sometimes, make you wanna holla and throw up both your hands, and yet;  Human resilience rise above fiery darts and what weContinue reading “A Long Time Coming”