Israel’s seven-year Peace Treaty

The Middle East peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. What does it signal if China is an Israel-Palestine Peace brokerage? The destiny of Israel’s seven-year Peace Treaty shall include peaceful amends with the Palestine people. Peace may include a two-state solution. ‘Equality. Inclusion. Freedom and Justice promote harmony.’ President Trump’s Abraham Accords left Palestine outContinue reading “Israel’s seven-year Peace Treaty”

Africa in the Xi-Putin New World Order

Vice President Harris arrives in Ghana to strengthen U.S-Africa ties and keep African countries’ eyes on the strength of the NATO-U.S Alliance. “Russian President Vladimir Putin said he gave priority to African countries.”

Ghana and Kenya in war against the U.S. dollars.

“ACCRA, Ghana block CEO Jack Dorsey for the inaugural Africa Bitcoin Conference in December.” “Bitcoin is poised to blow up Africa’s $86 billion banking system.”

BRICS Expansion.

Bloomberg: “India, China, and South Africa would benefit Beijing, as the world’s second-biggest economy tries to build diplomatic clout to counter the dominance of developed nations in the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and other institutions” Architecture for Xi+Putin’s New World Order. How does BRICS benefit Africa? In the declaration, Brics also committed to assistingContinue reading “BRICS Expansion.”

Texas Border Crossings

Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee boycotted the Hearings and chose not to travel to Mc Allen, TX. Democrats claimed the Hearings were nothing more than the GOP trying to score political points. On Sunday, March 12th a large group of people from Mexico stormed on the El Paso bridge forcing authorities to put upContinue reading “Texas Border Crossings”

The Order Rises

China’s Global Dominance. “A decade into Xi Jinping’s rule, the puzzle pieces of his designs for China are in place, marking a definitive end to Deng Xiaoping’s reform-and-opening era. Four decades ago, Deng, a short, stocky survivor of the Cultural Revolution, kicked off an effort to unshackle China from the ideological turmoil of Mao Zedong’sContinue reading “The Order Rises”

Election 2024: Crime and Border Control

Biden’s Criminal Justice Policy. “Criminal Justice policy will strengthen America’s commitment to justice, and reform the broken criminal justice system,” said Biden. Public Safety Matters. Safe Justice Act: “Our criminal justice system cannot be just unless we root out the racial, gender, and income-based disparities in the system; Black mothers and fathers should feel confidentContinue reading “Election 2024: Crime and Border Control”

The Divine Light shines on the Nine

‘The Divine Light shines on the Nine:’ Pattie J. Malone was born into slavery in 1858 at Cedars Plantation in Athens, Alabama and was sold to the Clack Plantation in Texas. How far Black Americans have come since the beginning of colonial slavery in the United States. Annie Minerva Turnbo Malone was born in 1869 andContinue reading “The Divine Light shines on the Nine”

Tragic Shooting in Orlando, FL.

“A Journalist, and a 9-year-old shot.” Orlando News: “An Orlando TV journalist and a 9-year-old child were shot and killed near a crime scene where a woman was found shot to death earlier in the day.” NY Times Photo Image White House Press Briefing on Gun Violence.

Reconnaissance: “Space Satellites.”

A resourceful guide to the United States reconnaissance missions with a focus on China’s recon engagements. Reconnaissance Espionage: Reconnaissance is a clandestine observation of enemy territory for the discovery of possible weaknesses. Espionage is to obtain knowledge on a target, secretly; whether it be in another nation or other groups. “The United States Space ForceContinue reading “Reconnaissance: “Space Satellites.””