Peace Talks War Intervention

Biden arrives in Europe to meet with allies. Zelensky warns of WWIII in efforts of peace talks with Russia. Meanwhile bloody battle continues in key Ukrainian cities.

American Interests.

President Biden released Oil Reserves in November of 2021 to relieve Americans from paying high gas prices at the pump. Amidst U.S Energy crisis, Russia emerge as a key oil supplier in Europe. U.S Oil independence produced in Trump administration significantly depleted under President Biden. U.S has made a full-fledged deja vu circle from U.SContinue reading “American Interests.”

Nordstream2 Pipelines into EU Energy Markets

The Energy Intelligence Group: “The Nord Stream repair is no easy matter.” Updated: March 7, 2023. Repairing Nordstream and pro-Ukrainian group admitted to sabotaging the Nord Stream pipeline in 2022. Russia Nordstream2 Pipeline stirs thorny relations in EU Energy markets