South Africa Democratic Alliance.

When Putin visits South Africa in August for the BRICS meeting members of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa; Putin will be arrested. The Democratic Alliance Party launches legal actions to ensure the government arrests Putin on International Criminal Court (ICC) warrant for war crimes. Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks to South AfricanContinue reading “South Africa Democratic Alliance.”

Vladimir Putin’s Victory Declaration.

Putin’s victory military parade speech. Putin touts a Russian victory over Ukraine and warns the West to reflect on the lessons of the Cold War. In his victory speech, Putin said, “Russians were united in a sacred fight with the West over Ukraine but the strains of war are evident at one of the mostContinue reading “Vladimir Putin’s Victory Declaration.”

Sudan’s war “Environmental decline.”

As the dead bodies lay in the streets of war-torn Sudan, evacuations are underway with the help of countries assisting evacuees to safety. Countries assisting in the evacuations are Saudi Arabia, Britain, Egypt, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Indonesia, China, India, Canada, Chad, Kenya, Iran, Ukraine, and Russia,and the United States,Continue reading “Sudan’s war “Environmental decline.””

Hear Africa Now! Namibia and South Africa

Namibian President Geingob in South Africa State Visit. The African leaders discussed the warrant arrest issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Sudan conflict. Calls for harmony between Sudanese two Generals. A call for unity. A call for a ceasefire in the Sudan conflict between the two generals; Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and Mohammed HamdanContinue reading “Hear Africa Now! Namibia and South Africa”

China-U.S., frail Relationship over Taiwan Autonomy.

Taiwan a self-governing Democracy. The U.S.-Taiwan alliance can trigger a U.S.-China war if U.S. diplomatic strength fails to prevent conflict between the U.S. and China. Currently, geopolitical leaders in Africa, the BRICS Alliance, and France President Macron an EU-NATO member are in alignment with China Xi Jinping. Both China and Russia are BRICS members. “ThereContinue reading “China-U.S., frail Relationship over Taiwan Autonomy.”

South Africa in the BRICS

South Africa vows not to arrest Putin. The Russia-Ukraine War will divide African countries in regards to African nations that stand with the West vs African countries that advocate for Russia. Naturally, South Africa a BRICS partner among Brazil, Russia, India, and China will side with Russia. Although the International Criminal Court (ICC), warrants theContinue reading “South Africa in the BRICS”

Simon Ateba

“Simon Ateba, says “It’s a Lie!” Africa countries on U.S. travel ban are far from posing a health threat. Simon Ateba  White House Chief Correspont for  Today News Africa breaks down COVID19  statistical cases in the eight Africa countries on the list of President Biden travel ban . Simon named 6 of the 8 countriesContinue reading “Simon Ateba”