U.S battles, amidst Global conflicts.

One year later since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s government Afghan women are protesting for Human Rights for women and girls. Rights seized by the Taliban. Even though the Taliban said that women’s and girls’ rights would be protected. Meanwhile, Russia’s war on Ukraine rages; while women protesters in Iran are beaten and killed. TheContinue reading “U.S battles, amidst Global conflicts.”

United Nations on Afghanistan and Ukraine.

August 18, 2022: Nineteen minutes of daily Press. One year later since the Taliban of Afghanistan takeover and concerns of terrorism in the region once again are looming threats for U.S. officials. No end to the Ukraine and Russia war as the Ukrainian struggle to protect nuclear sites that Russia has been shelling for days.

See Taliban Oil Pipeline

https://cash.app/$dinahcreates Oil is the driving force” in U.S. Foreign Policy The 43rd President George W. Bush said Americans are addicted to oil. Conservative Evangelists reference OT scripture Ezekiel 38:4 as “oil is the hook in the jaw that Prophet Ezekiel speaks of. Oil contributes to countless wars and wars propels waves of Middle East refugees.Continue reading “See Taliban Oil Pipeline”

Biden in a world of Taliban

As episodes of Taliban takeover continue to unfold, albeit America is a super power nation, U.S. 46th President at the helm appears to be an awry kind of movie while Taliban is showcased on the global stage. When it comes to Taliban; Biden is in a world of Taliban. The script is changing rapidly, andContinue reading “Biden in a world of Taliban”