Asylum Immigration Czar, the (AIC).

The Mission Motto: “Protect Americans. Safeguard the Borders. Serve Migrants Asylum Seekers.” The AIC will assist illegal Borders crossing entry of Migrants seeking Asylum, and interact with the Congressional Body to implement a codified Immigration Reformed initiative. With TX Gov. Abbott sending migrants on busses to Washington, D.C., NYC, and recently Chicago city added toContinue reading “Asylum Immigration Czar, the (AIC).”

Violations of U.S Executive Branch

Migrants illegal entry are in violations of U.S Executive Branch National Security Policy. Vice President Kamala Harris plea to deter migration illegal border crossing; Harris said, “If Migrants come to U.S southwest Borders they will not enter and will be sent back.” Safety measurements for Human Rights abuses are to be considered as well withContinue reading “Violations of U.S Executive Branch”