Military Industrial Complex: Updated 03-11-2023

‘Purveyors of War.’ Russian President Vladimir Putin invasion in Ukraine caused global consequences in the Energy sector. Russia’s Nordstream one and two pipelines are significant targets of U.S, EU sanctions against Russia war aggression in Ukraine. Russia is the second global oil producer. 🇪🇺 Oil revenue and foreign wars are shadowy backdrafts as necessary evilsContinue reading “Military Industrial Complex: Updated 03-11-2023”

Immigration Reform Policy

Conversation to be had are Immigration Reform Policy for undocumented workers, and how to stop the flow of illegal entry crossing at TX southern borders. In 2020 President Election season, the Vice President Kamala Harris, and former Vice President Mike Pence provided an overview on Immigration Reform. Harris alluded to enforcing Policy laws to addressContinue reading “Immigration Reform Policy”

The 21st Century clarion call is the right to Vote$dinahcreates The vote in the 60s took upon a new beginning in the political arena. Obstacles remove, an elderly 80 year age Black person could cast her vote without the poll tax, and having to answer erroneous questions like what day did was  the Revolution launched as if the questioners knew the answer. African AmericansContinue reading “The 21st Century clarion call is the right to Vote”