Dec 26, 2021 edited version: “The unfounded Nativity Scene”

Less than 3 hours Christmas is here. Upon viewing CNN Christmas eve of Jerusalem series, my thoughts centered on Africa and Palestine two ancient nations the world rarely focus vigorous attention to right the wrong brought upon British Mandates that has squandered natives’ land and resources. Colonization conquest Africa, and even today British Mandates from the past are aligned on the side of colonization for the Palestine people which has created a geopolitical network of unceasing conflict for Palestine Israel conflict, thereby; making the Weeping Wall a mirror inside the lives of Palestinian pain and sorrows that equally reflects Jesus sorrowfully emotions lamented in Gethsemane garden prior to Jesus crucifixion.

As the documentary narrator said concerning King Solomon wisdom of “splitting the baby in half to reveal the true mother, in today’s Palestine, “The baby is cut in half, continuously. ”

Palestine fight for freedom are frequently expressed in my Twitter feeds. I also noticed like clockwork; Israel and Palestine conflict breaks out during this time of the year. Why? I wish I had the answer. Henceforth, I can only hope that Palestine people get a break from sorrow and pain in their fight for freedom and Palestine Independence.

Just maybe; in 2022, United Nation’s preamble for global peace will take a view at the Christmas Manger and see that the baby isn’t in the Nativity Scene. European heads of the world are fixated on aristocracy privilege exhibits a realization that the majority are meant to suffer such sorrowful plight. Geopolitics awareness does very little about Palestine and Israel conflict.

Maybe 2022 will flourish a season of change

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