Justice Accountability and Social Activism

Progressively Moving forward Social Justice Movement, A dinahcreates video chronicles Houston TX Social Activism in 2008. In 2021, NYC Voters advocates for Safety at the Ballot Box.

To abolish federal regulated Prison system are to initiate a demand for more unjust robust private prison properties. If advocating for an equitable judicial policy is the intent, without citywide safety; anarchy are benefactors of “Abolish Defund” and U.S cities will be saturated with amnesty evil and Americans will lose confidence that Justice is on their side.

Therefore, the court of Law where Justice presides must administer that Justice blindfold is symbolic of an equally fair legal process for all people, instead of Justice acting blindfold for corporate Private Prison compound industry where handing out guilty sentences for the poor and minority are profitable. “That’s not Justice.”

And if Justice is to protect and promote public safety, how cruel Justice would be to unlock prisons doors for repeated offenders whose records

square the facts that a remorseful rectitude has not been founded and when Paroled repeated offender persist to perpetuate upon society a cycle of grave and tragic abuses.

A distinction between low level offenses and high risk offenders are to be distinguished and evaluated in Paroled assessment.

Inmates diagnosed with mental illness and eligible for Paroled are transported to an instutionalized facility for proper care and long-term treatment.

Currently it appears that the Courts are executing an all or nothing system. Either accept a biased and unfair system against some; or retribution are releasing the most dangerous repeated offenders more apt to commit harrowing offenses.

Seemingly why promoting abolishing prisons are emboldened incentives to a wave of crime. “Smash and Grab” retail waves of crime provides a glimpse of entertainment sending business owners on the run. And if there isn’t a presence of police protection in poor minority communities then they are left behind with criminal Anarchists running rampant throughout their neighborhoods. Rich politicians hire security firms for protection. May leaders in Blue and Red states provide safety measures for citizens they represent, and access to community Justice Police Accountability.

As NYC Mayor elect Eric Adams said “Citizens deserves both safety and community Policing accountability. Adams said city safety and Police Justice Accountability can equally co-exist. Safety. Police Accountability are relevant denominators to foster citywide safety in American communities.



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