Violations of U.S Executive Branch

Migrants illegal entry are in violations of U.S Executive Branch National Security Policy.

Vice President Kamala Harris plea to deter migration illegal border crossing; Harris said, “If Migrants come to U.S southwest Borders they will not enter and will be sent back.” Safety measurements for Human Rights abuses are to be considered as well with young children and women vulnerable in an environment that is a safe haven for Human Trafficking and young girls forced into Slavery Sex Trafficking.

Federal Customs and Border Protection agency reports “During fiscal year 2021, Texas Border Patrol arrested 96,000 border criminal offenses.

Texas Military and Texas Department has formed a tactical Unit to carry out Gov. Greg Abbott “Lone Star Operations to take control of TX Borders mounting criminal offenses; and illegal crossing. TX Lone Star Unit will have a heavy presence on the La Joya River geared to apprehend human smugglers and interrupt criminal activities. The TX Governor strict message to stop crimes at the southern Border “You will be arrested.”

Biden has revamped Trump “U.S. Mexico Policy to deter Border crisis, so why are Biden Harris Administration allowing a U.S State to fight alone a United State  National Security crisis?$dinahcreates$dinahcreates


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