American Interests.

President Biden released Oil Reserves in November of 2021 to relieve Americans from paying high gas prices at the pump.

Amidst U.S Energy crisis, Russia emerge as a key oil supplier in Europe. U.S Oil independence produced in Trump administration significantly depleted under President Biden. U.S has made a full-fledged deja vu circle from U.S Energy independence to U.S thirst for oil necessities of foreign wars fought for Middle East oil abundance.

On the first day of President Biden’s presidency Biden issued an executive order canceling U.S Keystone Pipeline. Biden explained Keystone executive order was to promote green new deal national global agenda for counteracting the climate change crisis. Biden disregarded a global healthy eco-friendly planet upon approving Russia Nordstream2 Pipeline to transport (LNG) liquefied natural gas throughout Eastern Europe.

Deja vu America interests are U.S led foreign wars fought for oil. Former President George W. Bush said, “Americans are addicted to oil.” The 43rd President was simply acknowledging America dependency for oil. Now in 2022, across Party lines thirst for oil quenched in the previous administration are once more felt at the gas pump.

Henceforth, Russia is an Authoritative government and a war with Russia less likely to trigger a mass antiwar outcry so it seem until war with Russia began to loom immensely possible. Therefore U.S Ambassadors are emphasizing dialogue, Diplomacy, and war deterrence to offset WWIII while Nordstream2 Pipeline remains the center of a peaceful outcome. “Oil flow. Oil sanction.”


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