The 21st Century clarion call is the right to Vote$dinahcreates

The vote in the 60s took upon a new beginning in the political arena. Obstacles remove, an elderly 80 year age Black person could cast her vote without the poll tax, and having to answer erroneous questions like what day did was  the Revolution launched as if the questioners knew the answer.

African Americans movement inside the Democratic Party leaped fast forward into a revolutionary movement that annihilated crusty tenets of southern Dixiecrats political identities of White Supremacists, KKK  members. It took upon a whole different kind of face which reflected an indispensable image that characterizes African Americans Democrats were the party for Black people, and minorities race,creed, various identities and burgeoning ideas, all inclusive found a place in the one big tent Democratic Party.

Democrats Party continue to grow leaps and bounds while the Republicans grapple with maintaining  conservative ideals and moving Republican Party with new ideals and reaching out to broaden their base that reflects a moderate image of America’s diversity of all people for the people by the people.  Currently, Democrats are winning the Public Relations messaging for


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